Dividend History Index
The Dividend History Index calculates the split adjusted yearly dividends paid out by selected stocks.  Also included in the Dividend History Index is the percent change in the dividend payout for each year (based on split adjusted dividend). We at 1Stock1 feel that it is often more useful to see what the dividend increase or decrease was in percentage terms versus the actual amount in terms of dollars and cents. We also realize that there are a lot of other sources of dividend information out there so we have tried to include a few dividend facts not included on other dividend sites.  In the Dividend History Index we have included the average dividend increase (in percentage terms) for all dividend data for each stock as well as the average dividend increase since 2000 for each stock.   Also included in the index is the number of consecutive years a company has increased its dividend along with the number of years a stock's dividend has been increased, decreased, or remained the same.  Finally, there is a reference to the year each stock had its biggest dividend increase and its biggest dividend decrease. We hope everyone enjoys the information in the Dividend History Index; thanks for visiting 1Stock1.
The Dividend History Index is intended for informational purposes only and should not be used as the basis of any investment decision. All dividends in the index have been adjusted for stock splits (if applicable) to create a more linear history and to more easily calculate yearly dividend changes. The Dividend History Index values have been calculated by 1Stock1 and while these values are believed to be accurate, errors are possible. Any information contained in the Dividend History Index is property of 1Stock1.  Information in the index can be used for personal use, but it can not be redistributed in any manner (part or in whole), without the written consent of 1Stock1.

The Dividend History Index is a work in progress, we plan to add more stocks, so if you don't see the stock you are looking for, keep checking for new updates.